Justice For All Everyday infuses the power of storytelling to interrogate and undo racism and all forms of oppression...without and within

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Racial Justice + Leadership + Life Coach 


Journalism, B.S

Education, M.A

Multicultural Education & Teacher Education, PhD


Raedell Boateng, Ph. D.


Founder, Justice for All Everyday

Dr. Raedell Boateng (Dr. Raedell) is passionate about amplifying the stories and voices of Black girls and women and helping the world heal from racial trauma.


Her research in graduate school was a self-study of the impact of racism and sexism on her experiences as a student and educator. This journey fueled her to openly share her story with others and help others tap into their own as they journey towards antiracist and general personal growth. She knows that to truly undo racism, we must work at it everyday. For people of color, that means amplifying our voices and celebrating US. For white people it means constantly questioning and humbly undoing. 


She has taught grades 2-5, as well as college and graduate-level courses. She is currently the Director of the Network for EdWork at the Technology Access Foundation (TAF) and supports teachers and educational leaders to eliminate race-based disparities. 


She grew up in New York State, went to college in the Chicago area, lived in Phoenix for a few years, and has been in Seattle for almost 9 years.


Dr. Raedell is a dedicated Coach, focusing on supporting people and organizations to continually assess their actualization of racial equity and adjust accordingly through the power of storytelling. She has a passion for developing the leader in all of us. Dr. Raedell believes that everyone is a leader and can use help identifying their unique brand and focus of leadership.


Whether you lead at work, in church, in schools, in your family, or in your own life, she is excited to help you unleash and grow your leadership potential and tell your story! 

Mind. Body. 

Learning History. Action. Learning. 



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