Rabble Rouser   Coaching

for agitators, activists, antiracists, and accomplices who can't help but stir up "good trouble"

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Image by Aarón Blanco Tejedor
  • "We" is Dr. Raedell Boateng, a community-minded leader, educator, and agitator. Read more of her story on the about page. 

  • "We" is you! The ones who always see opportunities to be better. The ones who have vision for global equality. The ones who often seem to rub others the wrong way (but really it's the uncomfortable right way). The ones made to feel like imposters because your story is to big for the space you are in. The system disrupters, change makers, tired of being told to wait-ers!

Schedule a free Agitator Advisory Session!


 What will Rabble-Rouser Coaching "cost" you?

What We Do


We hone and tell our stories purposely. We determine the narrative of who we are and what we are in the world to do. We tell stories for healing of self, community, and the culture. We tell stories that challenge inequity and call forth justice. We tell the truth, our personal truth and the truth about injustice, even when it’s uncomfortable or hard.


Encourage hopeful hearts and change unhealthy and unhelpful mindsets


Help you find, keep, strengthen, and fine tune your voice

Impart tools and resources for effectively taking up space

You Give Up

  • Poor energy levels

  • Feeling overworked and overwhelmed

  • Feeling invisible/unheard

  • Questioning YOU, your value, or worth

  • Sleepless nights

  • Unfocused mind

  • Your silence, quiet, timidity

You Get

Your voice

Take up space

Choose your silences

Practice speaking The Truth

A community of like-minded agitators 

Encourage others

Learn and gather tools for sustainable justice-oriented living & leadership

You Pay

  • StoryTime by Dr. Raedell: $30 for BIPOCs; $50 for white folx; $20 for the young (20 and under)
  • Circles: $30 for BIPOCs; $50 for white folx; $20 for the young (20 and under)

  • Coaching: $150/hour



Payment plans are available


If you want to hire Dr. Raedell to do a more targeted series of development for your team/organization prices start at $500/hour for non-profits and school districts. Contact me for more info and to discuss pricing!

How We Do It


A specialized talk where Dr. Raedell shares resources, anecdotes, and strategies for justice leadership. Good for groups and teams.


(your organization can also hire Dr. Raedell to develop a contextually-relevant talk or series)


Small(ish) group conversations organized quarterly. Drop in when/if you can. Join individually or with friends, teammates, colleagues, and family.


Individualized 1:1 support + challenge for your growth and leadership. Just you!

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