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Do you cringe when you hear white privilege, white supremacy culture, or racism?

Does your team have a DEI commitment but your team is still predominantly white?

Does your coworker constantly refer to their BIPOC friend to seem "woke"? Do you have a Black or Brown friend that you reference to make yourself seem “woke”? 

Have you ever thought or said, “Well, I don’t know everything about race” as a response to BIPOC folx voicing their racist experience? Have you ever voiced that something was racist or culturally insensitive and gotten the response, "Well, I don't know everything about race" as a response?

Are your racial equity/DEI trainings "basic"?

Did your organization abruptly make Juneteenth a holiday in 2020? Does your organization recognize Christmas but not Ramadan or Rosh Hashanah?

Have terms like antiracist and microaggressions been heard more frequently around the office, etc., but you aren't sure how to move your team forward in these areas?

If you can answer yes to even one Q, this course will equip and empower your TEAM to be effectively antiracist.

DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) trainings tend to be broad, for white folx, and/or most effective when the trainer is present. JFAE offers a course that teaches your team to talk about race and deal with racism. The course provides the skills needed to challenge its hold. 

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    Invest in a process that will make you accountable!   


Interested but still have questions?   


By the end of the course you'll:

  • know exactly where and in what ways your team needs to grow

  • stop stifling BIPOC team members voices

  • fearlessly call out whiteness and fragility

  • have a plan for being antiracist that goes beyond spot trainings

Most people have never LEARNED to deal with racism/talk about. And even if you have as an individual, effectively communicating and acting as a TEAM, calls for an additional skillset.

More than anything, in U.S. culture we are taught to avoid racism, yet we still go to work, school, etc. and try to undo it not thinking intentionally about developing effective knowledge and skills. 

When did you LEARN how to challenge racism?



2-10 ppl

-$9999+tax (2 coaching sessions included)

-unlimited coaching $2999 or $999/session+ tax

11-20 ppl

-$14999+ tax (2 coaching sessions included)

-unlimited coaching $4999 or $1499/session+ tax 

21-30 ppl

-$24999+tax (2 coaching sessions included)

-unlimited coaching $7999 or $1999/session+ tax 

payment options available! email drraedell@justiceforalleveryday to discuss

What's Included

10 Modules based on the Wheel of Racial Justice (see "forms")

Your team acquiring the skills to communicate about racial justice and applying the skills with guidance

At least 2 team coaching sessions with Dr. Raedell

Optional add-on coaching (team and individual)

Added support for amplifying BIPOC voices. BIPOC team members have unlimited access to Dr. Raedell.

Workbook (electronic + printable)

Course Overview

Winter Course start dates are November 1, November 15, or November 30 (with some flexibility).

Course takes 3-5 months to complete. It is suggested that you complete modules bi-weekly, but they can be completed weekly.

Your team will navigate each module together. Each module lasts about one hour.

About 30 minutes of "homework" is included with each module.

Next round of courses will begin in July.

Course materials are released weekly once your team registers and begins. 


Refer another org who signs up and get 10% off

Register for round 1 by 10/15 get 10% discount

Pay in full 10% discount

Discounts can be combined!





Keep track of all your notes and important ideas with an aligned workbook