Whether you just "woke" up in 2020 or you need a place to work out your frustrations because you've been awake and you tired...Justice For All Everyday has GOT YOU.

We've got something for teams/groups, individuals who want to learn in small groups and individuals who want to work one on one. 

Image by Aarón Blanco Tejedor
  • Sessions are pre-recorded and you complete as a team

  • Coaching sessions with Dr. Raedell included

  • 10 modules completed over 5-6 months

  • For a list of topics and to see the pre/self-assessment see the wheel below

  • Goal is to help the team develop skills for assessing commitment to racial justice

  • Intentionally center marginalized voices and ways of being

  • Small group coaching ​for white folx

  • Small group coaching for BIPOC women

  • small groups are no bigger than 10

  • Visit the wheel for an overview of current topics

  • Individual coaching with Dr. Raedell means learning catered to you

  • Visit the wheel for topic ideas that we can adjust to fit your needs. 

Have questions? Want to chat and see if this is what you need right now?