Because our world's history is riddled with instances of intentional racism, in some way, we have all internalized race-based biases and behaviors. To reach racial justice, we have to recognize, undo, and reshape the story of our existence.

Get support on your journey to build skill & confidence

to lead and live empowered and self-aware.

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(noun) the systematic fair treatment of people of all races, resulting in equitable opportunities and outcomes for all. Racial justice — or racial equity — goes beyond “anti-racism.” It is not just the absence of discrimination and inequities, but also the undoing of the injustices that have been deliberately and indirectly done to BIPOCS and it is the presence of deliberate systems and supports to achieve and sustain racial equity through proactive and preventative measures. 


 (National Education Association + Dr. Raedell)

We are all leaders in the journey to racial justice. 

What is journey and where do you want it to lead?

Are you BIPOC and seeking to live and lead from a liberated, culturally sustained space?
Are you white and desire to learn more or just don't know what's next for you in the journey to racial justice?

I can help!

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(ˈanˌtī rāˌsizəm)

(noun) The practice of identifying, challenging, and changing the values, structures and behaviors that perpetuate systemic racism. (Ontario Anti-Racism Secretariat)

We are all leaders. We must also be actively antiracist if we want to build a better world for all. What's your leadership story?

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Coaching with Dr. Raedell

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How do you want to live and lead in your life to end racism? What's in the way of you living and leading that way now? As a BIPOC, do you want to learn to better navigate racially insensitive spaces? As a white person, do you want to strengthen your practice and your team around a commitment to antiracism? I have the tools and experience to support you wherever you are on your journey!

Single, five, and ten session packages available.


Do you need to bounce ideas around with a knowledgable racial justice advocate? Consults are a non-committal way of developing you/your team's work around racial justice. I can meet with you in 1-2 hour chunks to brainstorm, gather ideas, build lists of resources, or plan engaging activities. Consults are great for just getting started or if you have the expertise already on your team but want a little bit of guidance, cheerleading, and support.

The first consult is always free!


Dr. Raedell has spent years teaching and facilitating groups of all sizes, ages, and learning needs. She is now channeling that energy into liberation (book) Clubs, with a specific focus on justice and equity for each Club.

Each Club is a 2-3 months virtual community experience, led primarily through a text. But the fun and learning and personal growth do not stop there. Dr. Raedell is a wiz at curating engaging experiences that push and support you to take the words and ideas of a text and bring them to (your) life, off the page.


Want to hear research, stories, and perspectives that will deepen your understanding of the impact of racism on systems, groups, and individuals?

Talks are less interactive but still powerfully engaging. They are a way to learn more specifically how racism and other forms of oppression continue to harm real people regularly. The stories and perspectives shared will also illuminate and celebrate the cultural diversity that results in the community formed to combat oppression. 




Beyond dedicated support, we strive to create learning/storytelling opportunities in safe spaces to talk about race, each others experiences, and discover the resources and support to power your life

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