Did your organization abruptly make Juneteenth a holiday in 2020?

Chiiiillle. If there is one way Americans like to acknowledge something as important it is by giving a day off...aka an "officially: recognized holiday. When the televising of George Floyd's murder and the complete disrespect and dehumanization of Breonna Taylor and her murder first started to spread around the country, showing support for Black lives was all the rage. And one of the ways companies and organizations responded was to recognize Juneteenth. Period. And then make it a holiday for employees. On the other hand, some Black folx have wanted this recognition for a long time so it felt simultaneously like relief and a slap in the face. On both sides, people realized that a recognized holiday makes a statement that says, we (the people, the government) find this of value and offer you paid👏🏾 time👏🏾.

BIPOC fam, do these in-the-moment nods of recognition matter or are you not phased?

White folx, what purpose, beyond assuaging guilt, does it serve to suddenly act in recognition of a marginalized community?

Honest answers always welcome!


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