Diversity Pays!

It's been a hot minute! So much has been going on in life. All is as well as can be on this journey called life, but please do send prayers and good vibes for my family.


So I came across an alarming Instagram post the other day and I was hoping and praying that it was a marketing ploy. Though, one of the names mentioned is a somewhat popular author whose work I don't care for. Anywho, take a look yourself. Here's the ad. See how many alarm bells go off for you.

Here's my list, with some support from the team at the Alliance for Education who reviewed this with me during a team coaching session:

  1. Diversity pays: It seems they mean that hiring those not part of the status quo (e.g. POC, disabled, LGBTQ+) is profitable. This is the problem with capitalism. People are seen as commodities rather than...people. You should increase diversity because it's the right, just, and humane thing to do; because access and opportunities have long been denied these groups and it's past time organizations and companies rectify that.

  2. Same goes for lucrative (producing a great deal of profit). Don't do the right thing for monetary gain. Do it because it's right. But so many are going to see this and be pulled in and continue the crazy cycle of capitalistic gain that has so long harmed these "diverse" people they are after for monetary gain.

  3. Kim Scott, sorry not sorry, even outside of my opinions about her writing, she just does not have the background to be talking about diversity and inclusion, even if her partner might. You can't just slap a potentially qualified POC (person of color) onto your brand and call yourself a DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) expert. I think her lack of expertise shows from the website.

  4. The fact that anyone liked it, nonetheless 56 at the time I saw the post. I wish it was 0.

  5. Lastly, the caption: shortlist and easy are an automatic N-O in DEI work. I could write a book on why white supremacist thinking (aka mental slavery) is wired into all of our brains and hearts (to varying degrees) and it is therefore an EVERYDAY and ongoing practice to truly operate in a way that supports genuine diverse and equitable outcomes.

Instead I offer these 5 MUST-HAVES for Sustained and Impactful DEI work. Individuals engaging in DEI work must be willing to develop in the following areas

  1. emotional intelligence/empahty

  2. self-led learning

  3. self-reflection/humility

  4. vulneratbility

  5. growth mindset

It's people work and it is hard. It is what it is.


I recently read an article titled, There are No Black People in Africa. While I agree with the sentiment--that tribal allegiance matters--the reality is, the stamp of colonialism, Western rule, and whiteness is all over Africa. In my opinion, there are definitely Black people in Africa because centuries of Western domination still have a huge impact. Really, that domination never ended. Just looks a little different. Here in Ghana, most businesses, restaurants, and such are owned and run by Europeans and Chinese while the workers are Ghanaian...aka Black.

So again, all that's to say there aren't quick fixes and diversity doesn't (shouldn't) pay. Those of us who support critical race theory (aka reality) often get criticized for "making everything about race". To that I say, we don't make everything about race. Y'all already did that. We just trying to get you to see that. There are still too many LOUD voices that want to either not talk about race or make it go away quickly. And it just won't work. If we are to continue to make progress and see for real change, we have to work at the bigger institutional picture as well as make everyday moves, hence, Justice for All, Everyday.


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