Make Them Stop

my husband and i had the very real and sad conversation that it may have been god’s protection that he was denied a visa to study in the us when he was younger.

that it may be god’s protection that i had to move here (ghana) instead of him being able to come there.

this beautiful man with large muscles and an even bigger heart. who chose to start body building in his 20s as a way to demonstrate strength and protection. how long would he make it if we lived in the united states?

that’s the question we are grappling with today instead of enjoying our morning.

why do they fear us?

the immigration process from ghana is relentless. why do they fear dark immigrants trying to reclaim what has been repeatedly stolen for centuries more than racist cops? cops who have bad intentions. cops who have good intentions but no concept of their blind spots, biases, and racist orientations?

“it’s a squid game they are playing with black lives.”

demand justice on a regular basis—for all of us…everyday. not just in the (many) moments when they are killing us.

check yourself on a regular basis. change won’t happen over night. put your money your time your efforts into helping save our lives.


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