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Now onto Reparations Rates!

I was recently chatting with a friend and he brought up the increase in appeal of Black (especially) and Brown coaches and consultants around the work of racial justice and equity. He asked me how I am able to do this work sustainably. My snippy answer is, I can't and no one can! But my real answer is: Reparations Rates.

Since I moved to Ghana (as of May 1) and left a full time job (as of July 1), in so many ways, life is mush easier right now. I don't have to grind--aka, work an endless number of hours as deemed productive but Company X. I am "visibly" productive for a few hours each day at most. The other hours of the day I am doing things that bring me joy, rest, and healing: dancing, getting my hair and nails done, gym dates, food dates, watching Netflix, listening to music, playing games, reading, and sitting in the sun.

And would you believe it, most of those things, and not working endless hours, support my sustainability?!

Spirit/Soul work is just as important to productivity as physical and visible labor. For example, I read so much these days. I love to read but had only read a few books per year in the last couple of years. My husband tells me reading is work, but when I am reading or listening to a text that speaks, whether it's a textbook, a novel, or a memoir, trust me, my spirit is at work and picks up gems that drive ideas in my "visible" work. I also talk and listen to God. When I tell you that quieting the noise around me opens me up to receiving ideas and blessings, it is an understatement. Since I stopped working all the time, I have space to filter in the ideas I need and kick out distractions. So when I do sit down to do "visible"work, like prep to facilitate a session, I don't have to spend hours thinking and planning, preparing, and perfecting. Because I've opened myself up to being prepared through anything I experience. That's another important point about sustainability:

I have let go of being perfect and embraced excellence

My good friend Saara would say this is still a higher bar than most people's perfect and I say, baby steps ok?! But truly, I trust myself and my experience, talent, and purpose much more. Because I have seen the value of mental, emotional, and spiritual preparation as more impactful and important in adaptive/people work than the tactical work that American culture places the most value upon.

Spending more unstructured time with my loved ones—human and animal, live and on FaceTime—laughing more, it all helps. I am

also incredibly blessed to have married into a family that embraced me wholeheartedly and always ensure I am taken care of and have what I need. There are so many things I did as an independent lady that I just don’t have to take care of anymore. It took some getting used to, but with time and so much grace and patience from my bonus brothers, I am learning to let and trust people to do for me for no other reason than to care for me.

It’s not that I didn’t consider the importance of space and time and spiritual preparation before, but to actually have the space to live it is surreal. It’s been a bumpy ride to get here but man, do I like it! I LOVE how I have been able to show up in sessions the last few months. I am able to do all that though, because the cost of life in Ghana is much more affordable than in the U.S. So I have the time and space to do this sustainably.

Even still, I do need money to live. The other part to sustainability is that I ask for not just what I deserve, but for that Reparations Rate.

Reparations Rates: Paying Black (especially) and Brown folx enough that they can incorporate joy, rest, and healing in their world regularly OR Discounting prices for Black and Brown folx so that they can afford to enjoy, rest, and heal.

I have surveyed the Google and friends and colleagues and it is clear that in my coaching work, I ask for more than what most people think I deserve (or what they think people will pay me) and more than what they think a less than famous coach/consultant should earn.

That’s why I stopped asking just for what I deserve and instead ask for what it takes to live liberated. Having freedom to live in purpose does cost--time, effort, sometimes moving far away, and yes, money.

So if you are BIPOC/impacted by poverty you should ask for financial compensation to help cover those costs. And if you are white/have financial means you should help cover those costs by paying at a reparations rate.

What that rate is depends on a few things: what are your regular expenses, how do you want to be able to spend your time, and what do you reasonably need (financially) to be able to cover costs and expenses? And I do mean reasonably because this is not an excuse to just get all the money you want. Save some for somebody else! But the bottom line is, I need that reparations rate so I don’t have to grind; so I can spend time finding joy, staying centered, and making space to hold people's stuff.

So, if you’re looking for a DEI consultant or coach, yes, find a person of color and then pay them that reparations rate, even if they don't ask for it. And if you are Black or Brown, figure out what yours is and request it! And this goes for other BIPOC business and services as well.

If you are curious and have more questions and want to talk more about the work of racial justice you can check out my website for coaching options for individuals and groups. There are discounted and free options, as well as reparations rates. I try to practice what I preach!!

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