Un-Fragile Feminist Club

Who is an Un-Fragile Feminist?

She who seeks to undo her emotional attachment to whiteness

If this is you, click the banner above and join! You can try it out two weeks for free.99. If this isn't you, keep reading, share this post with a friend, and tell them how dope I am!

To my Un-Fragile Feminists: Think about a time when you said the wrong thing to a Person or Color. Or a time when you witnessed a microaggression/outright racism and didn’t react the way you would expect an ally to show up. The time for hesitancy and wondering is gone. In this group I will help you unlearn fragility and use your power for good–for liberation. This Club is a space where you will work through those moments where you coulda, shoulda and gather the gumption to do, be, and act in the spirit of liberation more frequently.

The Un-Fragile Feminist Club is a community of women ready! For the reasons named above, this community is geared toward women with racial privilege or who do not have a strong sense of their racial identity; women who want to learn with and from Black women and Women of Color. Club members will have a variety of ways to engage with other Un-Fragile Feminists through posts, discussions, live chats with the host, and more in order to deepen your understanding of your entanglement with whiteness and become Un-Fragile! It’s going to be the most beautifully challenging journey…like a really good workout, or childbirth…tough but so worth it and beautiful in the end!

I created this community mostly because I hate social media as a coach and social entrepreneur. I wanted to find a way to engage with people who actually want to engage with me. I wanted to be able to facilitate discussions, ask and answer questions, and provide tools, learning opportunities, and resources all in one place. I wanted to spend more time engaging and creating bomb expereinces and less time whittling my genius down with pithy packaging, selling, and marketing plans.

This platform allows all that, and I welcome you to this experience!

My hope is that you will achieve personal growth you desire that is nearly impossible to get on our own without a community.

Think of this Club and platform as our own social media platform. Here are some of the things you will be able to do:

  • Create and respond to posts from your fellow Un-Fragile Feminists (e.g. ask questions about that time you wish you would have…and offer advice/input)

  • Read and reply to articles from Dr. Raedell on how whiteness creeps in and ways you can disrupt (think of it like an interactive blog). You can even write your own articles because this is our platform!

  • Create small groups for even more intentional engagement (e.g. regional, by profession)

  • Hear from Dr. Raedell in both free/informal chats and in more formally scheduled Talks regularly

As a member of this Club you will get access to an expert in racial justice and restoration, as well as a community of like-minded women also striving for justice and equity.

See you in there!


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