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As an educator, consultant, and coach, I continue to lead with my values--most prominently justice. While I am able to apply my skills and experience in a variety of ways, as you can see by the examples on this page, the underlying message is justice and liberation.  

Chapter One: Black Women's Stories

Dr. Raedell hosted a "sold out" conversation featuring Black Femme voices. There was a panel featuring audience Qs, a Release Bowl experience, and open mic/free expression circle. The audience was diverse but the only voices you heard were Black women.

January 2019

Renton, WA


Renton Innovation Zone (Renton School District)

Curated a  professional development series for school and instructional leadership that led to the creation of a vision statement for racial justice and plan of implementation and accountability. The series included bi-weekly coaching sessions, a book study, circle work, and close partnership with BIPOC team members.

2020-2021 School Year


Renton, WA


Women in Public Finance (Talk)

From the Event Description

In this Talk: Dr. Raedell illuminates the reality of racism through sharing anecdotes and provides tools to help participants think about their own stories in light of racial identity development and take a vulnerable look at where they need to grow and develop understanding of racial injustice.  The outcome is a deepened understanding of racial justice and of one’s own personal growth areas and position on challenging racial injustice.

In 2020 a lot of the world woke up/opened their eyes further to the everyday realities of Black folx, Latinx/Hispanic immigrants, and other People of Color. More people are realizing that being “not racist” is not the same as being “antiracist,” and that being “not racist” isn’t enough. I hope the stories, events, and resources I share will aid you on your journey to becoming and being antiracist.

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December 2020

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WSASCD (Professional Development)

Led a two-part series on the use and importance of storytelling in antiracist teaching practice. 



Seattle, WA


Teach For America-Washington (Talks)

Featured guest speaker for multiple Teach for America events, supporting and challenging early career teachers to BE that change and consistently teach for justice and engage in self-care. 



Seattle WA


Blackburn College (Talk)

Facilitated introductory conversation and personal reflection with faculty using the article "Even Babies Discriminate" (Newsweek, 2009)

February 2021

Zoom (Carlinville, IL)


University of Washington U-ACT Program (Caucusing Curriculum Development)

Worked with Instructional and Program Leadership to develop a year-long racial caucusing curriculum rooted in research portraiture. Created curricular materials, delivered training to facilitators, and adapted programming based on ongoing feedback.

2021-2022 School Year

Seattle, WA