Liberation Coach


For those seeking a more personal coaching expereince, you'll get plenty of focused support on your goals. To begin, check of the Wheel of Life to get of sense of where you want to put in the work. Remember that Dr. Raedell's support centers on justice and liberation. These impact every area of life. The Wheel (see menu at top) will help you decide where we begin. 


Or you can head to the "Book!" page and sign up. The first of 6 sessions is free.

Calm Woman


For teams, educators, and leaders who want an assessment, plan, program, or curriculum development support of antiracist practice and leadership. Example projects include those related to foundational pillars and documents, racial caucusing, history of race in schooling, and culturally responsive practicesConsults are a non-committal way of developing you/your team's work around racial justice. I can meet with you in 1-2 hour chunks to brainstorm, gather ideas, build lists of resources, plan engaging activities, or develop full curriculums. Consults are great for just getting started or if you have the expertise already on your team but want a little bit of guidance, cheerleading, and support.


The first consult is always free!

Confident Businesswoman


Want to hear research, stories, and perspectives that will deepen your understanding of the impact of racism on systems, groups, and individuals?For small or large groups who care to learn from and through the voices and expereinces of People of Color.

Dr. Raedell will design a storytelling experience based on your needs.

Talks are sometimes less interactive but still powerfully engaging. They are a way to learn more specifically how racism and other forms of oppression continue to harm real people regularly. The stories and perspectives shared will also illuminate and celebrate the cultural diversity that results in the community formed to combat oppression.